Motorway tolls should be lifted during Arctic weather crisis – McEntee


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Secondary roads remain treacherous

With  many  secondary roads still treacherous and the freeze getting worse,

Fine  Gael Road Safety Spokesman Shane McEntee TD has  called

on  the  Government  to  negotiate  for  motorway  tolls  to be lifted on a

temporary basis.

“Tolled motorways are supposed to be an option for motorists, but with many

secondary  roads still in a dangerous condition, large numbers of commuters

have no choice but to use tolled motorways.

“The  Government  should open negotiations with motorway operators in order

to lift the tolls until the current weather crisis is over.

“Even  the  motorways  are not in the safest condition and motorists should

not be forced to pay full tolls while snow and ice remain on the roads.

“At the very least, the Government should lift the tolls on the M50 and the

Port Tunnel which are still in State ownership.”