MPH brings back 70s motoring style


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It was perhaps one of the most unlikely partnerships of the 70s, but in 1978 Coca-Cola and Triumph came together to give us the “TR7 Coke Car”.

Only three were ever made, and one of those has been saved from the scrapheap to take pride of place against a backdrop of supercar modernity at this year’s MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show featuring Top Gear Live.

The 4 speed TR7 FHC, was converted into a limited edition competition prize back in 1978 by Star Vans of Luton. It features Coca Cola red body paint with a flowing white line down the side and across the bonnet and blue Levi denim upholstery with authentic patch pockets featured on the door panels and sun visors.

Further quirky attributes include a 12 volt fridge in the boot to keep drinks cool during hot summers; a TV in the glove compartment, sheepskin overmats; full length weathershield sunroof and a special edition 12″ record called ‘All Summer Long’.

Entrants to the original competition were asked to make as many words as possible (with at least four letters and no plurals or proper nouns) – from the phrase ‘All Summer’. The winner of this particular car came up with an incredible 315 words.

Allen Forster, General Manager of TR Register, the car club for Triumph enthusiasts which owns the car, said: “The ‘Coke Car’ is of its time.  It sums up the 70’s perfectly and is a mad mixture of Starsky and Hutch, Beach Boys and Top of the Pops themes.”

“The MPH show is not just about the latest in supercars, but also unearthing fantastic quirky cars from yesteryear and the TR7 fits the bill perfectly,” says Kylie Lindsay, Marketing Communications Manager for MPH featuring Top Gear Live.

MPH The Prestige & Performance Motor Show featuring Top Gear Live will take place at Earls Court from November 4-7th and the NEC in Birmingham between November 11-14th.

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