Mums are most stressed at 8.25am


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Mums are most stressed at 8.25am, according to a study of 2,000 mums across the UK and Ireland commissioned by Uniroyal Tyres*. The research shows mums consider 8.25am, when on the school run to be the worst part of their day as they struggle with getting the kids to school on time. Four in ten mums claim the school run is enough to make the most patient of people lose their cool.

Getting the children out of bed and into their uniform, packing the school bags and encouraging everyone to eat all of their breakfast means mums are frazzled before they even get out the door.

And in a rush to get to school on time, 45 per cent of stressed mums have shouted at other drivers in a fit of road rage. Forty two per cent of mums have even snapped at the kids on the way to school, regardless of whether they are behaving or not.

More than half of mums then drive to work after they have dropped the kids off at school, but admit their morning routine gives them a bad start to the day.

Paddy Murphy from Uniroyal Ireland said: “Getting everything and everyone ready and dropping the kids at school makes for a very stressful start of the day for mums.

“Driving is something that requires concentration and when you add wet weather into the mix the situation can get tricky.

“One in five mums drive the kids to school when it’s raining, when they would normally walk. This adds to the cars on the road, and with the distractions and stress generated, extra care is essential. All drivers need to increase the distance between themselves and the vehicle in front to account for increased stopping distances in the wet weather.”

Bad weather was also revealed to play a part in heightening mums’ stress levels. Nearly eight in 10 hate driving in snow and ice and 44 per cent avoid getting in the car when it’s foggy.

Another third find the winter sun and its glare on wet roads difficult, whilst three in 10 feel on edge driving in the rain. One in five went as far as to say they dislike driving in the dark.

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Just under half of mums polled say they have been guilty of poor driving because they were late for work, and the average mum suffers up to three near-misses during the course of one year as she rushes between school and work.

Paddy Murphy added: “The fact that three of the top ten most stressful parts of the day are driving related is very revealing.

“Parents do spend a lot of time rushing around in the car. Finding ways to reduce stress aids concentration and increases focus on the road, making it safer for everyone.”

Top ten most stressful parts of the day for mums:

1. School run

2. Getting kids’ stuff together – i.e. sports kit, homework, permission slips, etc.

3. Getting the children dressed and out the door

4. Going through bills and the family finances

5. Doing household chores

6. Getting the children out of bed

7. Traffic jams

8. Breakfast time

9. Rushing to collect kids from school

10. Cooking dinner