New Road Courtesy Code to Take the Pain Out of Driving


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Semperit and Maxol team up in bid to make driving easier and safer for everyone – and it won’t cost a cent

Tolls, tailbacks and tightening budgets – Irish motorists have never had it so tough. But as getting from A to B becomes ever more complicated, Semperit and Maxol have launched a new guide that could make driving more enjoyable and less stressful – by encouraging motorists to be nicer to one another.

Entitled ‘Pass It On’, the guide highlights 10 simple ways in which drivers can show more courtesy and understanding towards other road users – in the hope that they will then pass on the good deed to someone else. Some of the ways motorists can ‘pass it on’ include:

  • Giving way to other drivers in traffic
  • Leaving plenty of space between you and the car in front
  • Always saying ‘thanks’ if someone does you a good turn
  • Being thoughtful about how and where you park
  • Being extra patient around learner-drivers


“There’s a lot of stress on the roads of Ireland, and of course a lot of that stress is caused by things we can’t change like heavy traffic and roadworks,” says Paddy Murphy of Semperit Ireland. “But one thing we can do to ease the tension is simply be more considerate to each other.

“We believe that if everyone shows a little more patience and understanding on the road, we can not only make driving more enjoyable but safer too,” he explains. “Mistakes happen when drivers are flustered, stressed or simply angry – but those negative emotions can actually be defused through common courtesy.

“In launching this guide, we’d love every motorist in Ireland to give it a try – do someone a good turn today and maybe they’ll pass it on,” he adds.

Brian Donaldson of Maxol says the Road Courtesy Code is an opportunity to “restore good manners” to our roads: “These are very simple ideas but they can make a big difference. For instance if you let someone out in front of you and they don’t raise a hand to say ‘thanks’, it’s annoying. You think ‘I won’t do that again’ and suddenly you’re thinking negatively. That doesn’t help anyone.”

Supported by a forecourt poster campaign, the ‘Pass It On’ courtesy code booklet is available from Maxol fuel outlets and Semperit tyre dealers nationwide or can be downloaded from or