New Sava intensa hp: 8.3 meter shorter wet braking


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TÜV SÜD Automotive proves performance of new Sava summer tyre

Sava, one of Central Europe’s leading tyre manufacturers, introduces the new Sava intensa hp – a brand new high-performance summer tyre for more mileage, a better wet handling performance and shorter braking distances on wet.

The new Sava intensa hp is the right tyre choice for the value and quality conscious driver who is looking for long-lasting, low-cost and reliable high-performance tyres. Independent tests prove the very good performance of the new Sava intense hp”, said Alain Klepper, Brand Director for the Sava brand in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

TÜV SÜD Automotive endorsed performance

Sava is proud to announce that the independent testing organization TÜV SÜD Automotive has endorsed the new Sava intensa hp tyre after extensive quality and performance testing. The tyre’s performance was tested against three Asian and two European competitive tyres in the same segment. The Sava intensa hp demonstrated a 10.1m shorter emergency braking distance at 50m/h on wet asphalt against the best performing competitive European tyre and 8.3m against the best performing competitive Asian tyre in the same segment. These enormous differences show how important it is to choose the right tyre. People who have experienced an emergency braking situation know what difference an eight meter shorter braking distance can make,” said Klepper.

Outstanding Mileage Performance

A key strength of the new Sava intensa hp is its ability to deliver an excellent wet handling and braking performance while still providing high levels of mileage, thanks to a new tyre construction, an improved tread design and the latest silica compound. “It’s one of the key challenges in tyre development to reach high levels in both areas: wet performance and mileage, since both performance criteria influence each other,” explained Klepper.

Exceptional wet braking and wet handling performance

The Sava intensa hp was proven to deliver significantly enhanced performance over its main Asian and European competitors in independent tests that measured wet handling and wet braking. The TÜV SÜD tests, which were conducted at testing facilities in France using a VW Golf equipped with 195/65 R15 tyres, show that Sava intensa hp offers key performance advantages over its main competitors.

TÜV SÜD Automotive tested the new Sava intensa hp against five competitive tyres in the same segment. The Sava intensa hp demonstrated 8.3m shorter emergency braking distance at 50m/h on wet asphalt against the best performing competitive tyre In tests measuring wet handling and wet braking on concrete, the Sava intensa hp outperformed all five European and Asian competitors.

The Sava intensa hp’s exceptional wet handling and braking is attributed to the high number of biting edges in the tyre’s tread, enabling shorter wet braking distances. The blades in the shoulder and intermediate areas of the tread have been improved to offer higher levels of stiffness, thus providing improved cornering capabilities and thus also better wet handling capacities.

More mileage and better wear uniformity

The new tread block design and innovative polymer blend silica compound work together to increase the tyre’s potential mileage. The Sava intensa hp’s flatter and wider cavity improves the tyre’s contact patch, which is the area in direct contact with the road. This contributes to a more equal pressure distribution, which leads to a more uniform tread wear.

Low Rolling Resistance

The innovative new silica tread compound and low weight tyre construction lead to a lower rolling resistance, which results in a significant reduction in fuel consumption.

About Sava Tyres

Sava Tyres, based in Slovenia, is southeast Europe’s leading tyre manufacturer with more than 85 years of expertise in the tyre and rubber industry. Sava Tyres employs more than 1.400 people and sells mainly passenger car, light truck and truck tyres.

Sava is an integral part of the Goodyear Dunlop group and exports its products throughout Europe and around the globe.

Sava is well known for reliable and long-lasting, low-cost quality tyres.

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