New Supercar club


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Enthusiasts applaud the chance to drive the best cars on the best circuits

The reaction to the recently launched RS Academy has been hugely positive. The idea behind this new supercar club is simple. It’s to allow its members to experience the best of drivers’ cars from Caterham 500 to Porsche GT3 RS as they were meant to be driven – ie on the track, unencumbered by congestion and speed cameras and with expert tutors on hand, for optimum safety and enjoyment.

Moreover we are not talking about any old circuits either, but the iconic Nürburgring Nordschleife (Germany) and Spa Francorchamps (Belgium), plus the private and normally inaccessible Ascari track near Marbella in Spain.

Said the man behind this exciting project, Rob Stanbury: “We have been extremely encouraged by the response to all three membership options, which cater for:

  • Private individuals (£17,495)
  • People able to share their passion (and therefore the cost) with a friend or partner (£11,250 x 2)
  • Companies looking to provide their employees with a very special incentive (£7,000 x 5)

“From the countless calls we’ve had, it is clear lots of enthusiast drivers share our notion that there is increasingly little point in driving 200mph cars on the public roads. Sure, it’s fun to have a Ferrari on the drive for a few nights, but real drivers want to use such cars to challenge their skills and to do so without worrying about their licence, or their and the safety of others.”

Added benefits
Not only has the RS Academy had the thumbs up from potential members, but from complementary organisations as well. Academy members already receive access to both the road-based Auto Lusso Supercar Club and the Classic Car Club fleet and, judging by the approaches resulting from the launch, other equally attractive relationships will be forthcoming, making Academy membership even better value for money than it is already. The first announcement regarding the promised exclusive VIP events such as supercar tours, F1 hospitality and ice driving is also expected in the near future.

Value for money
Playing with supercars will never be an inexpensive hobby. However, compared with buying one’s own vehicles (and personally funding the depreciation, running costs, insurance etc) and organising one’s own track days, membership of the RS Academy offers incredible value for money. It also guarantees infinitely more substance and variety – a choice of cars, circuits, the inclusion of expert tuition, relationships with other clubs etc. In short, the RS Academy package is a unique and highly attractive offering.

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