Newly Launched ‘Festival Kits’ Give this Year’s Festival Goers that Little Bit More Comfort


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As much as we all love the Summer festivals many of us are not so keen on the discomforts that so often accompany them. Whilst the typical Irish weather brings the inevitable downpour and festival goers face the ongoing challenge of keeping clean, festival life can be a somewhat uncomfortable affair.

Now all that is about to change thanks to a brilliant new range of ‘festival kits’ launched this week by Totally4 Ltd ( These unique kitshave been designed specifically to make the very most of your festival enjoyment. With separate versions for men and women each kit comes in its own handy case and is jam packed with useful items and just about everything you’ll need to stay dry, keep clean and enjoy the festival fun.

Both male and female festival kits come in a classic version at £19.99 or a deluxe version at £24.99. The case of each kit is reusable and includes a well thought out range of accessories and toiletries as well as other useful items such as a rain poncho, LED torch, earplugs, condoms, carabina and cotton bag. Now there’s no need to trudge around with lots of different sized toiletry bottles, dispensers and aerosols as each of these specially designed festival kit provides all the handy sized toiletries you’ll need to last you through the duration of the festival.

Totally4 Ltd was formed by Lynne Machin and Andy Robson who combined their skills to design and develop the company’s range of great looking practical and useful kits. The business has also announced this week the launch of its brand new range of travel kits ideal for flights and weekends away. Again with different versions for men and women each kit includes travel size toiletries and accessories in a lightweight and handy case. There’s even a reusable laundry bag included to keep used and dirty items in one place.

All kits are completely reusable and once you arrive at your destination you can take the contents out use the case to carry valuables, phones, keys and personal belongings. The carabina can also be attached to a belt or jeans so that you have everything safe and to hand. Men’s and ladies travel kits are available at just £19.99 each and there’s free postage on all Totally4 orders over £75.

Prforless_GigsCase35To find out more about any of Totally 4 range of festival, travel and essential toiletry accessory kits or to order online visit the company’s website at