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Older drivers refresher courses benefit all, says IAM


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The IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) has welcomed the new RAC report on older drivers which finds that 84% of drivers aged 70 or over acknowledge the value of a refresher driving course.

Neil Greig, IAM Director of Policy and Research said: “With ever-growing numbers of older drivers looking to stay safe and maintain independence, it is encouraging to see that there is a high degree of support for refresher courses.

“Older drivers have most of their crashes on high speed roads, particularly on slip roads and at junctions and roundabouts. Updating their skills to deal with these hazards and helping them to stay mobile for as long as possible should be the key aim of refresher courses. The IAM provides a Drive Check 55 refresher course which specifically address these issues.

“The IAM does not support compulsory retesting or medicals as we believe they will force many perfectly safe drivers to give up driving too early. This loss of mobility makes them a far greater financial burden on society and less able to access services and support. GPs need more training and information to help them advise patients on giving up driving and refresher courses.”