Petro Systems National Forest Rally Championship 2010


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Championship Launch and Forest Test Day Saturday 30th January                                 

This Championship Launch and Forest Test Day is being organised by the National Forest Rally Championship Sub Committee and Motorsport Ireland to promote the Petro Systems National Forest Rally Championship 2010.

This 7km Forest Test Stage will be run in accordance with 2010 MI yearbook. It will be fully marshalled and have all the required services in place.                   

Full Scrutiny and safety requirement will be applied including current 2010 licences, helmets HANS etc.                                                           
Co Drivers will be allowed.

Patterson Pace notes will be provided at no additional cost.     

One day licences, can be obtained VIA the organizers but no later than Wednesday 27th JAN                                                             
This Forest Test will be run in the North Cork/ Charleville area, directions will be issued to all competitors prior to the event                                                                      

Access to the forest will be between 8.30 am and 9.30 am only.                                                          

Only One Service Vehicles will be allowed into forest service area and only if they contain a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. The service area will link the stage finish to the stage start internally in the forest. There will be no IRDS requirement.                                               

1st car to start at approx 10.00am. Last car to finish at approx 3.00pm                                   

Petro Systems National Forest Rally Championship 2010 Launch at 3.30 in the Forest Complex.

Starting and run order will be by a queuing system                                                                   

Approximately 40 cars to start. Entries taken on a first come first served basis with completed entry form and entry fee of €120.

Details from John Quill 087 9299590 or