Peugeot 5008 Awarded 5 stars in new Euro NCAP 2009 tests


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Recognising Peugeot’s commitment to safety, Euro NCAP has awarded 5
stars to the 5008, Peugeot’s new compact 7-seater MPV which will be
launched in Ireland early next year.

The 5008 was tested against the new and more rigorous 2009 protocol,
called the Euro NCAP global rating. The new rating adds up scores
obtained for protection of adults, protection of children and protection
of pedestrians, whilst also taking into account the vehicle’s standard
safety assistance systems such as fasten seat belt warnings, speed
limiter and ESP.

The 5008 follows in the footsteps of the 3008, Peugeot’s compact
crossover, worthy winner of the prestigious Continental Irish Car of the
Year 2010 award, which also obtained 5 stars under this new test
protocol earlier this year.

Peugeot also submitted the 308 hatchback for retesting against this more
rigorous test protocol, as well as the new 308 CC. Both the 308
hatchback and Coupe Cabriolet obtained the new 5 stars rating. To date
therefore, four Peugeot cars can now boast 5 stars in the new Euro NCAP
2009 global rating test.

Peugeot’s strategy for many years is to make safety a top priority and
the company has garnered huge experience in the areas of primary,
secondary and tertiary safety.

Primary safety relates to the technology onboard the vehicle, designed
to avoid accidents and including the high level of road holding inherent
in every Peugeot vehicle. Added to superb road holding are the
innovative vehicle systems that further ensure passenger safety such as
the Head-Up Display, Distance Alert, directional headlamps. The final
component of primary safety relates to the vehicle’s electronic
assistance systems, to include standard fitting of ESP (electronic
stability programme), EBFD (electronic brake force distribution),
traction control, ABS and CBC (corner brake control), all of which are
standard on the new Peugeot 3008 and the 5008.

In terms of secondary safety, which limits the effects on passengers
during an accident, the structure of 5008 is designed to dissipate
impact energy in a programmed fashion. Notably, the 308, 308 CC, 3008
and 5008 all have a triple impact absorption system at the front.

Most vehicles in the Peugeot range since 2003 have also offered maximum
tertiary safety, which limits the effects after an accident. The Peugeot
Emergency service, activated either manually or automatically in the
event of an accident, pinpoints the vehicle’s location (in Europe) and
triggers the dispatch of appropriate emergency services ensuring their
rapid intervention. To date this service has already helped nearly 3,200
people on the continent. In 2010 Peugeot aims to extend its emergency
service geographical coverage (8 countries covered to date).