Peugeot’s quality for endurance


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The Le Mans 24 hour race is likened to the F1 season completed in one weekend
Success at Le Mans with the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP is a clear demonstration of Peugeot’s advanced technology, product quality and endurance 3,234 miles covered at an average speed of 135 miles per hour In a clear demonstration of determination, advanced technology, product quality and endurance, the team at Peugeot Sport took on all competitors at Le Mans and after 3,234 miles won in convincing style.

Driven over the 24 hours by Marc Gené, David Brabham and Alex Wurz, the awesome 5.5-litre V12 Peugeot 908 HDi FAP circumnavigated the 8.46 mile circuit for 382 laps.

2009 saw the 77th running of the classic Le Mans 24 Hour race with a convincing third win for Peugeot (with the 905 in 1992 and 1993), after two second place finishes with the 908 HDi FAP in previous years.

Having again secured pole position in each of the last three Le Mans 24 Hour races, Peugeot led the race in convincing style with a fine demonstration of endurance quality with all three Peugeot Sport 908 HDi FAP cars finishing. The victory saw the V12 diesel powered cars finish in 1st, 2nd and 6th position in this French classic endurance event.

GenĂ©, who brought the No.9 car home to the race finish, confessed that he shed tears of joy as he guided his Peugeot 908 HDi FAP towards victory. “I’m not an emotional person, but I have to admit that I cried on the last lap,” said the first-ever Spanish winner. “When the three Peugeots were in formation I understood just how big this event is. It’s easily the greatest thing I’ve ever experienced.”