Price Reductions for 2010 BMW’s As New Models Launched


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On the day that BMW officially launched the new X1 and 5 Series GT models onto the Irish market, the company has also revealed its pricing plan for 2010, announcing significant cuts across its entire model range in an attempt to stimulate interest in the currently moribund new car market.

With the majority of BMW’s line-up receiving double-digit percentage price reductions, it means buyers can save several thousand Euros on most models. A 520d SE for example drops by €7,780 to €40,380, a 116d 5-door sees a reduction of €4,160 to retail at €25,740, while a 318i can be yours for €32,650 with €5,900 taken off the price list. At the upper end of the scale the M5 drops in price by 20.3% or €31,660 to now retail at €124,340. The MINI line-up also benefits from the new pricing schedule, with, for example, the Cooper D Hatch falling in price by €4,150 to €21,200.

The new pricing structure brings an end to the Sterling Collection scheme announced earlier this year whereby BMW Group Ireland sourced new and nearly new cars from the UK for Irish customers. Instead all new cars will now be ‘factory direct’ to Irish specifications, including kph speedometers. BMW Group Ireland has confirmed that specifications will remain as currently offered.

The X1 and 5 Series Gran Turismo are the latest vehicles to join BMW’s burgeoning model line-up, The X1 is the first premium entrant in a market segment largely defined by Nissan’s Qashqai, As such, the X1 becomes the first model in BMW’s X range to be offered in both two (sDrive) and four wheel drive (xDrive) versions, with the sDrive variant expected to account for over 80% of sales. Three 2-litre diesel engines are offered with power outputs of 143 hp (18d), 177hp (20d) and 204hp (23d). Prices range from €33,130 for the sDrive 18d SE to €46,800 for the xDrive 23d SE.


Like BMW’s earlier X6, the 5 Series GT doesn’t fit into any obvious existing vehicle segment. BMW describes it as a cross between an SUV, saloon and touring (estate), offering the strengths of all three types (SUV – height and driving position, saloon – style and appearance, touring – space and practicality). Price wise it fits between the 5-Series saloon and touring models and the X5 SUV ranging from €69,630 to €101,410. The 530d with a three litre 6-cylinder diesel will account for the vast majority of Irish sales, with 3-litre (535i) and 4.4 litre (550i) variants also available.

Cathal Doyle