Putting the Electric Car on Trial…


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The Government has stated that it hopes to have 10 percent of vehicles on Irish roads running on electricity by 2020.  Do electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to answer a key part of our transport needs as we seek alternatives to fossil fuels…?

This important question will be debated at an upcoming Green Power Forum that is being organised by the Irish Motoring Writers Association (IMWA).  Sponsored by Semperit Tyres, the Forum will take place at the Global Irish Institute in UCD on Tuesday September 1, 2009.

The Forum will feature a panel discussion that will deal with all aspects of the debate about EVs including cost, environmental benefits / impact and infrastructural requirements.  The debate will be moderated by broadcaster Rodney Rice and will include contributions from car manufacturers who are to the fore in the development of EVs: Nissan, Opel and Peugeot.  In addition, other interested parties will contribute to the debate, including a representative from the ESB and from the TransportWatch lobby group in the UK.

“Through our work, motoring journalists have access to the cutting edge developments in the search for alternatives to fossil fuels,” says Michael Moroney, Chairman of the IMWA.  “The huge strides in EV technology over the last number of years seem to indicate electricity will be an important part of the future transport equation.  The IMWA Green Energy Forum will highlight the opportunities and challenges that electric power can bring for Ireland by tapping into the knowledge of a unique panel of international experts from this field to speak to an Irish audience”.

“We all know oil reserves will not last forever, so finding viable fuel alternatives is becoming increasingly important”, added Paddy Murphy of Semperit Ireland.  “This is a key concern for everyone involved in the automotive industry – from tyre makers to car manufacturers to energy providers.  The upcoming Green Power Forum is an important opportunity for all of us to learn about the latest developments in this field.”
The event is aimed at a broad number of interests including local authorities, environmental groups, energy bodies, and companies from the motoring and fuel sectors.  Admission to the forum is free but advance registration is required.  For further information email Dawn Burke at: dburke@cullencommunications.ie.