Range and stock sets Wood Auto a class apart


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To remain competitive in the service and repair sector, garage workshops not only need their factors to supply good quality starters and alternators at the very best prices, they also need a comprehensive range and flexibility. These services are all part of the package offered by auto-electrical specialist Wood Auto.

In the last twelve months alone, the Huddersfield-based business has added an incredible 1,100 units to its range. This makes its offering of more than 4,800 starter and alternator application references arguably the widest in the UK. Wood Auto also has a 100,000 sq ft warehousing facility that holds in excess of 30,000 units in stock for next day delivery, which means that availability is first-class.

Most of the UK’s rotating unit sales are sold on an exchange basis, meaning that customers have to hand over the faulty unit when taking delivery of the new one. Failure to produce the old unit will result in the prospect of having to pay a surcharge on the replacement product, which can sometimes be very expensive.

Wood Auto however, supplies the majority of its units on an outright purchase basis, which means that the customer has the most convenient option and does not need to worry about providing the core or being hit with the surcharge. There is also no minimum order stipulation and a next day delivery service is available for all UK orders.

Supplied under the Wood Auto brand the range consists of a variety of new and remanufactured units, but OE brands are also available when required. All of these units are produced to meet strict quality standards, with many of the specialist units being remanufactured by Wood Auto at its factory in West Yorkshire. To give its customers peace-of-mind, all of Wood Auto’s units, whether new or remanufactured, are covered by a 12-month guarantee.

In addition to complete units, Wood Auto is one of only a handful of companies that is able to supply the replacement internal components for almost any unit, which is why many established aftermarket remanufacturers and recognised brands source these components from Wood Auto