Reading Matters:Subaru Impreza – 1994 to 2007 – by David Hobbs


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  • Subaru Impreza – 1994 to 2007 – by David Hobbs –

ISBN 978-1-84584-163-8 – €9.99


Affectionately known as the ‘Scooby’, the Subaru Impreza quickly gained a loyal following mainly due to its successful rally exploits. David Hobbs’ book on the Subaru Impreza looks at every aspect on how to buy and replenish one of these new so-called classic cars – from the earliest official imports to third generation editions that successfully ran until 2007 to when Subaru introduced the radically altered hatchback version.

There are plenty of Imprezas available be it in saloon or estate form, while the two-door version is still much sought after. Subaru enthusiast and owner of an Impreza Turbo 2000 for 10 years, Hobbs brilliantly describes how to check the car’s authenticity, which models are best and the implications of ownership. Don’t buy a Subaru Impeza without buying this book first!