Reading Matters – Books on Fiat 500/600, Citroen DS & Subaru Impreza


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•    Fiat 500 & 600 – 1995 to 1992 – by Malcolm Bobbitt – ISBN 978-1-84584-147-8 – €9.99
•    Citroen DS & ID – 1996 to 1975 – by Rudy A Heilig – ISBN 978-1-84584-138-6 –  €9.99
•    Subaru Impreza – 1994 to 2007 – by David Hobbs – ISBN 978-1-84584-163-8 – €9.99

300109-a-vel_500Never knew there were so many variants of the 500 & 600, the highly acclaimed small car family from FIAT.  Although ‘Baby’ FIATs date back to 1936, it wasn’t until 1955 that the post-war Italian company came up with the 600 – some 4 years before the Mini.  This rear-engined four seater also had a six person Multipla – the first true MPV, which also doubled up as a camping car.  Seemingly there was also a requirement for an even smaller car and designer Dante Giacosa came up with the 500 which had room for two adults and a couple of children at a squeeze.  Thankfully, the 500 name lives on today while the Abarth name has been restored.  Including the latterday 126 (1973-1992) over 6 million editions of the 600 and 500 were produced.  Malcolm Bobbitt’s book covers FIAT 500 & 600 saloons/seaters, Multipla, Giardiniera and the 126, not forgetting the sporty Abarth versions.  It is the essential guide to purchasing a baby FIAT, identifying what to look for in order to acquire the right car at the right price.

300109vel_citRudy Heilig owes his affection to Citroën by his father Hank as he owned a Citroën dealership in Vancouver, Canada.  From his early teens, Rudy could be found tinkering with the Citroën D-model which led to forming Citroën Concours of America – a company devoted to all aspects of the famed French manufacturer.  He also began publishing Citroën – An Informative Technical Newsletter in the early 1990’s and has now produced a Buyer’s Guide dedicated to the DS & ID – all models (except SM) – 1996 to 1975.

Restoring a Citroën DS or ID is not easy but Rudy helps the process whether buying, selling or repairing various D models.  With 100 colour photographs (by Peter Heilig) his expert advice means that this book could save you thousands!

300109-c-vel_subAffectionately known as the ‘Scooby’, the Subaru Impreza quickly gained a loyal following mainly due to its successful rally exploits.  David Hobbs’ book on the Subaru Impreza looks at every aspect on how to buy and replenish one of these new so-called classic cars – from the earliest official imports to third generation editions that successfully ran until 2007 to when Subaru introduced the radically altered hatchback version.

There are plenty of Imprezas available be it in saloon or estate form, while the two-door version is still much sought after.  Subaru enthusiast and owner of an Impreza Turbo 2000 for 10 years, Hobbs brilliantly describes how to check the car’s authenticity, which models are best and the implications of ownership.  Don’t buy a Subaru Impeza without buying this book first!         Jarlath Sweeney