Road safety suffering as Garda numbers fall – McEntee


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Fine  Gael  Road  Safety  Spokesman  Shane  McEntee TD has warned that road

safety  levels  will  continue  to  suffer  unless  Gardaí get long-awaited


“Many parishes in Ireland have seen a rise in what can only be described as

dangerous  driving.  Much  of  this  activity takes place at night-time and

involves uninsured, untaxed vehicles being driven in a reckless manner.

“We  have  all  seen  the  skid  marks  that appear on newly built roads, a

tell-tale  sign  that  the  road has been used in a reckless manner at some

recent stage. Many quiet rural roads are also affected.

“Gardaí  are  badly  hindered  in  their efforts to clamp down on dangerous

driving. The Garda recruitment embargo is having a major impact on manpower

levels  across  the  country. Many stations have lost key personnel or have

been  closed  down  altogether.  This  is  making it extremely difficult to

tackle the serious problem of dangerous drivers.”