RSA Advises Parents to Safe-Guard Their Children


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The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is today Sunday 10th January 2010 advising parents to safe-guard their children if out playing and enjoying the weather.

In particular parents are asked to make sure their children don’t skate or slide on or near roads.

Mr. Noel Brett, Chief Executive Officer, RSA said “With the roads in such a treacherous conditions the last thing we want to see happen is a moment of fun to turn to tragedy, with a child sliding under the path of a vehicle.”

Mr. Brett also asked parents to speak to their children about the risks of throwing snowballs at passing motorists, cyclists, motorcyclists and especially older pedestrians. “We are not trying to be spoil sports here we just want to remind people not to throw snowballs at road users, as they brave the treacherous conditions. It is a very serious issue which could cause a crash.”

“For example throwing snowballs, which could contain compacted ice or small amounts of stone and grit, at vehicles could distract or impair a driver’s view and cause a collision. There is also a danger that if a snowball went through a moving vehicle’s open window it could put someone’s life in danger”.

He added: “We understand people want to have fun in the snow but would ask members of the public to think about the consequences of their actions. We would also encourage parents and guardians to sit down with their children, before going out in the snow and having fun, to inform them about the dangers of throwing snowballs at passing vehicles.”

Motorists are advised to never to stop their vehicle to confront snowball throwers, as stopping their vehicle may create an unsafe situation. Instead they should report the matter to An Garda Siochana at a safe opportunity.

The RSA has also appealed to people, especially drivers, not to venture out on to frozen lakes and ponds. While it may seem like fun they are not playgrounds and such people are taking their lives in the hands.