Avoiding a Long and Whining Road Trip


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Nearly There! Avoiding a Long and Whining Road Trip

In a recent survey studying what people like to do on long journeys, survey
commissioners car hire company Vroom Vroom Vroom, were surprised to see how
many traditional children’s car games were being played by adults. Whilst
i-spy was by far the most popular, with several bank holidays looming
we’ve put together some ideas for games to make the trip feel shorter –
regardless of how old you are…

Car Snooker

This just like snooker but played with cars! The game starts when a red car
is spotted (or “potted”) which gives you a score of one. This is then
followed by a car of one of the following colours: yellow (two points),
green (three points), brown (four points), blue (five points), pink (six
points) or black (seven points). You then have to spot another red car and
repeat the process. This happens until you have spotted 15 red and coloured
cars. To complete the game you then have to pot coloured cars in ascending
order, finishing with a black car. The winner can either be the person with
the most points or who finishes first. Adults may want to play individually
but families with young children may want to make the game a group effort!

Just You

Given people’s differing musical tastes, one way to make a sing along
more enjoyable is to play ‘Just You’. People take it in turn to choose
their favourite song and sing along to it until another person in the car
turns the volume down. The player then has to keep singing until the sound
is turned back up and marks out of 10 are given for how well the player has
kept in time.

Words of One Song to the Tune of Another

Fans of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’ will be very familiar with
this game – and if you aren’t, the title tells you most of what you
need to know. A player is told to sing the words of one song but to the
tune of another – for example, put the words of ‘Mary Had a Little
Lamb’ to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald’. Points are given by other
passengers for successful completion and artist interpretation!

The Number Plate Game

This is where you have to count from 0 – 999 by spotting the exact number
you need on other car licence plates. For example if you need the number
‘2’ and you see a plate with ‘12’ – then you can’t use that. It
has to be a ‘2’ on its own. This game can run over consecutive trips
and the first to 999 wins


Yellow Mini

Again, this is another game where the clue is in the title and the basic
version requires players to spot yellow minis and the one who spots the
most wins. Only one player in the car can claim to have spotted an
individual car and does this by calling out ‘yellow mini’. The driver
usually dictates the volume the claim can be made at!  However, for those
looking for more of a challenge (or to improve their children’s maths)
can play a version where any yellow car counts for one point, any mini
counts for two points and a yellow mini doubles your current score.

Happy motor driving