Renault lunches Renaultshop and Renault TV


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Adapting to 2009’s economic environment, Renault is enhancing its visibility to digital audiences, launching two new web-based interfaces – Renaultshop and Renault TV.


In 2009, Renault, in partnership with its dealer network, is moving into e-commerce with Renaultshop. The aim is to reduce stocks and boost sales. The advantage for customers is obvious: using a simplified search engine, customers can search for a vehicle by dealership, geographical area, model or budget. Renaultshop improves the visibility of available inventory for customers and guarantees the availability of the vehicle sought. Renaultshop goes online before the summer in France ( and Spain ( and in the second half of the year in other major European markets (Italy, Germany and the UK).

Renault TV

To support and boost the improvement in the image of the Renault brand seen in 2008, Renault has launched a web-based TV channel, Renault TV, with versions in French and English, is an informative and engaging entertainment channel. Web TV provides a powerful interface for supplying information about the brand and its products, plus its motor sports and lifestyle activities. It represents an alternative to advertising in terms of communication – with more comprehensive and varied messages, creating deeper audience engagement. Renault TV will focus strongly on people, through features on Renault enthusiasts and celebrity drivers. The channel will feature the kind of high quality entertainment-based programming and formats that will make the channel feel it is about much more than just cars.

Launch programmes include BBC1’s ‘The Apprentice’ star, Nick Hewer, driving his Renault 4 from London to Mongolia, the Duke of Rutland and his passion for his 1908 Renault A1 heirloom, behind the scenes of the London Fashion Week with the Renault VIP Fleet and a look at the Formula One season with Fernando Alonso.