SEAT starts up the ‘Good Stuff’ campaign to promote joint project with Shakira


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• Interactive microsite in 3D virtual animation to be one of campaign keystones
• Car company to put on sale a limited edition of SEAT Ibiza and León Good Stuff
• Campaign also homes in on social networks

SEAT, sponsor of Shakira’s 2010 European tour, has launched a wide-ranging all-embracing campaign called ‘Good Stuff’ on the occasion of its collaboration with the Colombian singer. The title itself is taken from one of the tracks on Shakira’s latest album She Wolf, and aims to penetrate the market and reach a young audience by using imagination, ‘good vibes’ and an up-beat tone.

A major part of the campaign centres on the microsite embedded on the car company’s website. By going to this 3D virtual animation and interactive space, users can enjoy a total on-line experience, as well as discover the exclusive magical world of ‘Good Stuff’, the content of which will gradually be filled in as the year progresses.

From its centralized SEAT site, the microsite has been adapted to many different countries and languages, offering the possibility to explore and analyze with a wealth of details the SEAT Ibiza and León Good Stuff, a limited edition that the Spanish car manufacturer has put on sale on the occasion of the joint adventure with the international pop star. The Ibiza and the León Good Stuff – with darkened windows, exclusive upholstery and a 5-colour range – will be available from next week until mid-November.

Another feature of the microsite will be a section for social networks, through which videos will be projected, concert tickets raffled, and free downloads offered. The microsite will also be a platform for other special promotions for Club SEAT members throughout the year, as well as solidarity projects headed by Shakira and her BareFoot Foundation, which will thus be given a high profile on the on-line space ‘Good Stuff’.

Additionally, the digital animation spot shot jointly with the car manufacturer and the singer from Barranquilla can also be seen on the microsite. This advert will enable viewers to enjoy a world in which the good things in life will be highlighted, coupling the voice and rhythms of the pop star with the Spanish brand vehicles.

The Good Stuff campaign will be backed up with advertising concerning the collaboration between SEAT and Shakira, both in the traditional media channels and points of sale of the company’s cars.