Solidarity of the Dakar rally


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The worked started with SOS Sahel International commenced with modest ambitions, but they were tenacious. In eight years, close to a million euros were invested in the programs called Actions Dakar that focused on developing a good environmental practice. This week, the annual guidance comity gathered together at Louga in north of Senegal to launch new projects chosen by the villagers. Despite the fact that the Dakar temporarily crossed the Atlantic to live a new experience in South America, the will to support an effort that changes the life conditions in this part of Senegal remains essential for the organisers, partners and rally competitors.

Indeed, through 147 projects that concern more or less directly 319 000 people, the Actions Dakar have contributed in changing the environmental deal. For example, the development of improved fireplaces used by the major part of women for cooking reduces considerably the consumption of wood. This practice has now become a habit and is understood by the young: it is on that rhythm that the intentions of Actions Dakar were defined at their creation. By working on a long term basis, the results answer a more constructive vision. More info on : 

The Dakar is seen as an adventure for fantastic sportsmen and women in which solidarity holds an essential place. Another way of action has therefore been chosen in South America with the support of the “Un Techo para mi Pais” foundation that helps build temporary households for families in major difficulty. On the occasion of the 2010 Dakar, 112 000 Dollars will be given again to volunteers to finance the construction of 40 houses in Chile and 40 others in Argentina. More infos on :