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Donegal Motor Club and its premier Topaz Donegal International Rally Ireland tonight launched it’s Rally Guide 1, available for the first time on it webpage,

Donegal Motor Club PRO, Darragh Kelly announced the new guide, a valuable source of information for all competitors, officials and other interested parties.

“This is the first time we have produced such a guide, and I am pleased that we have produced it in time for the competitors to plan for their participation in the 2010 event.  Valuable time/distance information is available, allowing crews to calculate fuel, and work out service times for support crews who form part of the important task of getting the car and crew back on the road, especially if there is a problem.”

Darragh went on to illustrate how simple it was to navigate round the webpage, along with information for crews who are on reserve and want to see their progress towards the entry list over the next number of days before TOPAZ sponsored event starts on Friday 18th June.

He added, “Competitors, spectators and Press have been looking at a rate of almost 4500 page views per day since the week-end and we are expecting a high download traffic flow for the remainder of the week.”

Clerk of the Course for the event, Danny Gormley, said he was pleased that the Rally Guide was another important milestone in the development of the Topaz Donegal Rally Ireland, and he hoped it would be seen as a great aid for the competitor, spectator and press alike. In addition to the information provided directly for the competitors, important local contact information for business providers in Letterkenny is also available in the guide, and he hopes that it will provide an important economic stimulus for the local economy, during the reconnaissance this week-end and on the weekend of the event itself, 18th – 20th June.