Vehicle Stability Assist now standard on all Honda cars.


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An ongoing commitment to safety has been part of Honda DNA since the company first started producing cars.  Now, for the first time Vehicle Stability Assist™ (VSA®) is fitted as standard on all new Honda 2010 production models across the range.

VSA® is designed to assist the driver in maintaining control during cornering, acceleration and sudden manoeuvres by applying brake force to any of the four wheels as necessary and managing the throttle and ignition systems.

By monitoring input from a series of vehicle sensors, VSA® calculates a predicted range of vehicle response while constantly monitoring the vehicle’s actual response and the driver’s control inputs. If the actual response is outside the predicted response range, as when cornering forces exceed the tyres’ performance, VSA® automatically intervenes with corrective action, and works with the anti-lock braking system to apply individual brakes to help keep the vehicle on its intended path.  The system is calibrated to provide stability and predictability, without stifling the driving enjoyment of the carefully engineered chassis.  The driver has the option of disabling the VSA® if desired.

Honda recently won the top award for its commitment to safety across the Honda range in the ‘New Car 2010 Awards’ in association with the Irish Road Safety Award.  Commenting on the Awards, Noel Brett, Chief Executive of the Road Safety Authority said: “We are delighted to present ‘New Car’s Brand Commitment to Safety Award to a very deserving Honda.  The company’s unswerving devotion to safety in its vehicles is illustrated by the impressive NCAP safety across its entire range and all its models boast commendable occupant and child protection ratings”.

Underlying all of Honda’s efforts to improve safety for everyone is a commitment to research and development that is focused on improving safety in the real world, not merely meeting Government regulations.