VW Blue is the new Green


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  • Volkswagen introduce new generation BlueMotion Polo, Golf and Passat to the Irish market

Volkswagen’s BlueMotion technology is fast becoming one of the most familiar synonyms for sustainable mobility in Europe. After showcasing the highly regarded motor technology at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt last year, Volkswagen are introducing three of their advanced eco-friendly models to the Irish market; the new generation BlueMotion Polo, Golf and Passat.

BlueMotion represents the most efficient model in each of Volkswagen’s passenger car ranges.  In each vehicle a combination of revised aerodynamics, optimised gear ratios, a new turbocharger and hard compound tyres is applied.  The effect is a reduction in loading on the engine resulting in a rise in efficiency and lower emissions.

Volkswagen are clearly ‘thinking Blue’ with the BlueMotion Polo, Golf and Passat heading the list as the world’s most fuel-efficient models in their respective classes. After celebrating their world debut in Frankfurt, the models are now available in the Irish market at affordable prices.

The BlueMotion Technologies aboard the three super-economy cars make up a comprehensive package of extremely diverse high-tech components and detailed solutions. The new common rail TDI engines build the foundation for the extremely low fuel consumption and emission values of these cars. A gear-shift indicator ensures that the BlueMotion models are always driven at the gearing that is optimal for fuel efficiency.

Polo BlueMotion

The second generation of this trendsetter, with an average fuel consumption of just 3.3 litres diesel (equivalent to 87 g/km CO2) per 100 kilometres is advancing to become the ‘3-litre fuel economy car’ of the modern era and the most economical five seater in the world. Its 45 litre fuel tank enables a theoretical driving range of 1,363 kilometres, enough for at least three trips from Kerry to Derry! This makes the commute to work or the long weekend affordable again. To put it in perspective, the Polo BlueMotion driver can cruise the entire year on just eight fuel fill-ups and €377 Euros in fuel costs.
·         Volkswagen Polo BM 1.2 TDI 5DR 75 BHP – €19,220
·         Annual Road Tax – €104 / VRT Band A
·         CO2 – 92

Golf BlueMotion

The new Golf BlueMotion, with its 3.8 litre average fuel consumption, is the first car in the world to break through the magic 4.0 litre barrier in the segment. The most fuel efficient Golf of all times is powered by a new, quiet and powerful common rail turbo-diesel. The 105 PS sixteen-valve, four cylinder engine develops its maximum torque of 250 Newton-Metres at a low 2,000 rpm. Equipped with those key performance parameters, the engine accelerates the Golf BlueMotion to 100 km/h in just 11.3 seconds with a top speed of 190 km/h.
·         Volkswagen Golf TL BM 1.6 TDI 5DR 105 BHP – €23,180
·         Annual Road Tax – €104 / VRT Band A
·         CO2 – 99

Passat BlueMotion
The new Passat BlueMotion shares its 105 PM common rail TDI with the Golf BlueMotion. A top speed of 193 km/h and 12.5 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h, highlights the large Passat’s superior driving performance and engine potential. With an average fuel consumption of just 4.4 litres diesel (114 g/km CO2), the Passat BlueMotion can cover 1,591 kilometres thanks to its 70 litre tank.
·         Volkswagen Passat TL BMT 1.6 TDI 105BHP – €24,660
·         Annual Road Tax – €104 / VRT Band A
·         CO2 – 118

Commenting on Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technology, Adam Chamberlain, Head of Sales & Marketing, said; “Volkswagen is proud of its heritage and progress in the area of technology and efficiency. We have harnessed the individual product strengths from the BlueMotion products to make the conventional models even more efficient. For example the Golf and Passat 1.6TDI models which make up the majority of Volkswagen’s sales, benefit from elements of the technology such as the start stop system and offer Volkswagen drivers band A road tax and VRT, and fantastic fuel economy.”

For further details or to find your local dealer log on to www.volkswagen.ie