Years of rally history being transferred to DVD!


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The entire 50-edition collection of the classic
monthly rally video series “Acceleration – The
Rally Video” is finally being released on DVD,
with the first 12 months already available as
individual DVDs (with two months and almost
120 minutes on each DVD), or as a six-DVD

The videos have been digitally re-mastered for
improved sound and the picture format has
been changed from the original 4:3 aspect of
the usual 90s television to the newer 16:9
(widescreen) format of the latest televisions.

Produced by David Winstanley between 1994
and 1997, “Acceleration – The Rally Video” was
essential viewing for many thousands of rally
fans, with both individuals and motor clubs
eagerly awaiting each new release and with
motor clubs often having special “Acceleration”
club nights, where they would show the latest
offering. . .

There was much to offer, as David Winstanley
explains: “When I first starting re-editing these,
I was amazed at just how much was on each
60-minute video, with as many as eight features
on some programmes, including everything from
British Rally Championship events, through to
the smallest club rally, as well as interviews with
people like Tommi Makinen or special features
such as a trip to John Haughland’s Winter Rally
School, (which might not sound very interesting
on paper, but provided a fascinating and
amusing film).

“In addition, we’ve got special features on the
RAC Rally, the Group B cars, Pikes Peak with Ari
Vatanen, Malcolm Wilson’s M-Sport company
when it was just starting, building a rally car, a
full history of the British Rally Championship and
much more, as we actually have many original
and classic films in the series as well. There’s
too much to mention, to be honest, as we’re
averaging about 16 rallies or features on each
two-hour DVD”.

Winstanley continued: “I’m almost overwhelmed
at how much is there, because we see many
drivers early in their careers, such as Tommi
Makinen, Marcus Gronholm, etc, and many
others at the peaks of their careers, such as
Colin McRae, Richard Burns and so on. . .

“There is also poignancy, as several people have
died in the meantime, names again like McRae,
Burns, obviously, but also lesser-known names
like Debbie Garlick, who died so tragically in the
2004 Tsunami.”

The plan at the moment is to release six DVDs
per month throughout September, October,
November and December, with the first six
already available from,
where you can also see a full listing for each
DVD. These are available for just £8 each; they
are also available as a six-DVD box set for just