BYD unveils China’s first wide-body Midsize SUV with the Song PLUS


On September 16, 2020, BYD’s Song PLUS was revealed at a launch event in Chengdu, which is poised to lead Chinese SUVs with its new design, extreme power and unmatched comfort. The fuel version of the SUV comes in four configurations, ranging from 115,800 to 143,800 CNY.

The new Song PLUS features four firsts: the world’s first mass-produced gradient interior, the first smart interaction digital panel for passengers, the first with one-piece ‘floating’ headrest seats, and the first to be powered by BYD’s brand new 1.5TI engine. In addition to its next-gen innovations, the Song PLUS is also China’s first wide-body SUV, with its advancements at every layer from interior to exterior writing a new chapter for the segment.

The Evolution of the Dragon Face 

The Song PLUS is positioned as a sensory wide-body Midsize SUV, with a size of 4,705/1,890/1,680mm and a wheelbase of 2,765mm, making it the widest SUV in its class – all for the purpose of providing the most comfortable driving experience.

Led by Global Design Director Wolfgang Egger, Global Exterior Design Director JuanMa Lopez, and Global Interior Design Director Michele Jauch-Paganetti, the Song PLUS has a carefully crafted Dragon Soul aesthetic, combining the classic beauty of the Dragon Face design and the enterprising spirit of the Urban Pioneer, leading to a new paradigm for SUV designs by seamlessly blending together the sleek elegance of sedans with the powerful dynamism of SUVs.

The evolved Dragon Face 3.0 incorporates ancient Chinese armor elements into the front grille, forming a uniquely dot-matrix armored shape, that breathing out a refined and classic atmosphere. With its ultra-wide one-piece hood, the aesthetic essence of the Song PLUS’s low-lying style is further enhanced, strengthening the Dragon’s fierce elegance.

The design of the side curves makes the car look more dynamic. The Song PLUS also adopts 1,011mm-long Skyline LED high-beam brake lights, the longest in its class, with a lighting effect comparable to that of a luxury coupe.

The PLUS – Adding onto High-Quality Standards 

Beyond the exquisite exterior of the Song PLUS, its interior is loaded with advanced features. Global Interior Design Director Michele Jauch-Paganetti worked tirelessly to create a highly unified interior and exterior design with the Dragon Soul aesthetic applied to both. Through the application of a series of original elements and the artistic elaboration of details, the interior of the Song PLUS is both aesthetically stunning and comfortable.

The interior adopts a ‘floating’ design concept, achieving a perfect blend of aesthetic design and functional practicality. The world’s first mass-produced gradient interior trim is used to create BYD’s exclusive colors, with elements harmoniously running through its interior space, presenting a natural gradient transition between brown and black.

The Song PLUS has a 1,890mm wide-body, 2,765mm long wheelbase, and with its long wheelbase and wide-body features, it is inherently spacious. The application of high-grade suede and other materials – including delicate double-stitching – gives the Song PLUS an unmatched riding pleasure.

The vehicle adopts a wide rear row akin to business-class seats, adopting an optimal 28-degree angle for riding comfort. In addition, there is also vast storage space, with a 574L high-capacity trunk that can be expanded to 1,477L to meet the needs of diverse scenarios. Also included in the interior is a series of user-friendly designs, such as a large armrest box, storage space under the center control, and a double-handle design of the interior of the doors. 

Power and Comfort – The Incredible Driving Experience of the Song PLUS

In the pursuit of driving quality, power is also a core part of the experience. All Song PLUS models are equipped with BYD’s brand new 1.5TI high-power powertrain as their standard, with a maximum power of 136kW and a maximum torque of 288Nm.

Due to its improved and efficient air intake system, advanced combustion system and a more intelligent thermal management system, the vehicle’s power and torque have been increased by 20%. The overall engine thermal efficiency has been improved by 38% and the maximum transmission efficiency reaches 95%, with its fuel consumption reduced by 15% per 100km, combining power and fuel economy.

In addition to a significant increase in power, the Song PLUS is equipped with three power modes, Eco, Normal and Sport, which provide distinct driving qualities and can adapt to different scenarios and driving needs under different road conditions. The shift advantages and fine adjustments of the new 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox allows for remarkably smooth power outputs.

With Chief Chassis Expert Heinz Keck’s efforts, the Song PLUS features a MacPherson strut front suspension and rear multi-link independent suspension chassis, which pushes both comfort and toughness to the maximum. Its 5.55-meter turning radius is the smallest and most precise in its class, creating a more agile and free handling driving experience.

Advancing Technologies – A New Realm of Intelligence 

The Song PLUS is a smart SUV, a next-gen cabin filled with comprehensively advanced technology. Equipped with it is the DiLink 3.0 intelligent network connection system as a standard. 4 million+ apps can be downloaded at will, covering every need for navigation, interactive entertainment and connected travel.

All Song PLUS models are equipped with the standard OTA remote upgrade function, which enables continuous upgrades, bringing users an intelligent experience that keeps pace with cutting-edge developments.

The Song PLUS is equipped with an NFC key function for mobile phones, which opens and unlocks the vehicle at ease with a single wave, even if one’s phone has no power or no network connection. A remote-control function is also integrated into the mobile phone app, allowing phones to be a real-time remote control for the vehicle. In short ranges, users can move the Song PLUS in narrow spaces, making parking easier and more convenient. The DiPilot intelligent driver assistance system has over 20 driver assistance functions, including adaptive cruise control and lane departure warning system, which, together with Bosch’s latest ESP 9.3 system, provides full safety protection in all scenarios. The 360° panoramic imaging system solves the common problem of blind spots for SUV’s and together with a holographic imaging system, it also provides insight into the underbody of the car, making intelligent safety care more comprehensive.

Built for Gen Y, the car has a trend-setting wide-body design, new luxury-standard comfort and elegance, passionate power, and intelligent safety protection. After its launch, the Song PLUS will form a synergy with the Song Pro to further seize the mainstream SUV market and lead China’s mainstream family car series with its strong advances, propelling the segment and industry to greater heights.