Inaugural National quattro event hosted by Audi Ireland


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Audi RS 6 Avant_quattro event

Weston Airport was the perfect platform for Audi Ireland to host an exciting national Audi quattro test drive event from the 5th – 7th of December. It showcased the heritage and benefits of their permanent all-wheel drive technology system. The event invited Audi customers, Audi dealers, myAudi competition winners and members of the motoring media. Guests experienced the innovative Audi quattro technology in three tailored test drive workshops.

Pioneered by Audi and evolved over 30 years, Audi has developed the right all-wheel drive technology for every Audi vehicle concept. The test driving experience provided guests with the opportunity to understand the quattro permanent all-wheel system and the benefits it has to offer, thanks to the impressive driving dynamics, traction and increased safety that only a quattro can offer.

The Audi RS6 quattro performance assessment gave drivers the opportunity to witness former Austrian rally champion, Stefan Eichhorner put Audi’s most powerful car to the test. This was followed by a quattro grip surface workshop which featured the Audi S3, Q3 and A6 quattro vehicles. Finally the safety test allowed drivers trial the Audi A4 quattro on simulated ice which demonstrated how quattro technology intuitively responds when you need better traction in tricky icy conditions or extra grip on wet slippery roads in comparison to a front wheel drive A4.

Display models at the event consisted of a variety of exceptional vehicles including the highly anticipated new 2014 Audi A8, the Future Now exclusive model range and the original quattro rally car owned by Irish rally driver, Pat Horan.

Richard Molloy, Head of Product and Marketing at Audi Ireland commented: “This Audi quattro event is the first event of its kind in Ireland and we were delighted to be in a position to provide our customers, dealers and members of the press with an opportunity to experience firsthand our exciting quattro range in Weston airport and demonstrate exactly what quattro technology is and how applicable it is to Irish motorists.”