Additional Porsche 911 brings Mondello Fleet to 50


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The Mondello Park Fleet, the largest collection of performance driving vehicles in Ireland, recently expanded further with the introduction of its fourth Porsche. The new arrival brings the venue’s stable to fifty vehicles, made up of Race, Drift, Off-Road, Autotest and Driver Training vehicles along with the Supercar fleet.

The latest addition is a second Porsche 911, the C4 model, which has joined the existing 911 and a pair of Boxster S convertibles at the circuits hugely popular Supercar Experience. The cars, which are upgraded to deal with the demands of Mondello Park, are fitted with Hartech Race Engines and have improvements to the suspension and braking systems. The addition of this 911 C4 will ease the pressure on the existing 911 and help Mondello Park’s Supercar product to cope with the growing demand.

Having been introduced on a small scale for Christmas 2011 the popularity of the Mondello Park Supercar Experience has increased to the point where the fleet is now in use almost every week, throughout the year. The popularity of this experience comes from it being the only course available in Ireland where you can really push the limits of a Supercar on a purpose built circuit.

Drivers attending the Supercar Experience get the opportunity to drive the car of their choice, either a Boxster S or 911, for their chosen number of laps, either 3, 5 or 10. In order to help them make the most of their time in the Porsches all courses begin with a quick briefing and some training laps in a more standard car, before moving on to their Porsche with their instructor alongside.

Mondello Park Race Circuit has always been the leader in the Irish Driving Experience gift market. The recent growth of their fleet through the arrival of the second Porsche 911 and expansion of the Drift Experience means that the venue is now better placed then ever to serve both the gift and corporate event markets.